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(photo credit – Darice Henritze)

I have been getting the question a lot lately about what else someone can do to get this park rolling.

Yes, we are close.

And…if we just happened to have a little extra money at the end of it all for taking care of the park, all the better.  I just know you want to get involved.

So here’s the goods:

$120 for a brick – press that little yellow button to the right.

$1,000 for a 12×12 paver – this can be personalized to a greater degree…I mean hey, there’s more room!  Seriously…a logo, etc.

$5,000 for a bench.  I think there is at least one left at this posting…

$10,000 for a pee post.  Seriously, a pee post?  Yes.  One dog pees there, they ALL pee there.  Get creative here.  Perhaps there is something that you’d like to have the place your dog does his business say something that makes you laugh every day.  I have some ideas if you are looking for one…

$25,000 for the shade structure.  Where do all the people hang out?  Right underneath it for shade from that strong Colorado sun.

For any of these amounts above and beyond the brick, you can’t do that on PayPal.  But that is because we’d like to give you some personal attention.  Like you might expect.  So please call 303.623.1500 and Amy, Chris, Matt or Jen would be happy to talk to you.

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