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It’s ON!

PLEASE   PLEASE   PLEASE   LET  ME  OFF  MY  LEASH!   (photo credit Andy Sutton)

The Dog Park is officially ready to start!

Why NOW, you ask?Well, we got a great loan from Riverfront Park Community Foundation! Here’s the best part. It functions like a challenge grant. For every dollar that we raise between today and Labor Day, they will match it dollar for dollar, up to $42,000, and that will be loan that we don’t have to pay back! The Foundation has been a huge supporter of this park, contributing almost half of the funds to build it.

So…help us get this out of the ground, and help us make sure that we don’t have continuing interest costs, rather than being able to use those dollars toward dog bags and other nice things for the park.

We are planning to start in about 2 weeks – that’s about how long it will take us to mobilize the subcontractors to build it and other little legalities. Make sure that you can be a part of the donor recognition when the park starts…if you donate your brick before June 15, we can make sure that your brick will be in the ground on opening day…after that, you might have to wait until the second wave.

How do I donate again?   See that orange button up top on your right?  Thank you SO much!